1.29.18 what i’m snacking on

recently, i have really been loving quick healthy snacks. i enjoy being able to come home and whip up a benefitial snack in minutes. here are some of my favorites!

i love making smoothie bowls! they can really fill you up, which is why they are a great breakfast choice. my favorite (shown above) is made with raspberries, blueberry yogurt, a banana, and some milk and garnished with coconut flakes, frozen blueberries, and flax seed. this bowl is packed with antioxidants and fiber. you can also make your smoothie in a cup to enjoy it on the go.

guacamole toast is another favorite of mine. i love avacado toast, but i use guac instead when i make it at home because you get more flavor from the herbs and spices (and it is a lot quicker than cutting an avacado). sprinkle some salt and pepper on top and enjoy this potassium-filled snack!

sweet potatoes are filled with vitamin a, so sweet potato fries are, too! i love snacking on these rather than normal french fries because of the health benefits, but they are still a great salty snack.


1.8.18 blush crush!

this season, i have been obsessing over shades of blush pink. something about that color really makes me feel cozy and calm. here are my favorite ways to style blush pink this winter!

Image result for aerie raglan boucle pullover

image via american eagle outfitters

even though the picture makes this sweater look almost red, i have this, and it is much lighter. this is one of the comfiest sweaters i own, i wear it so much! this piece looks great with almost any other color, so although it is specifically colored, it goes with many other things.

Image result for aerie cable sweater

image via american eagle outfitters

i own this sweater in a palm green color, but i definitely plan on ordering this pale pink tone! the range of “blush pink” colors is very large, and sometimes i am more in the mood for lighter shades.

Image result for madewell apiece apart

image via madewell

i really love this shade of pink! this sweater from madewell features a ruffled layer at the top, which really makes it unique. i have been loving ruffles lately as well, so expect a post about that soon! 😉

Image result for madewell metallic copper thread earrings

image via madewell

i love these earrings to add a pop of blush to any outfit. they make a statement on their own, but they look even better with a full outfit of pink hues!

i hope this post inspired you to change up your wardrobe and bring out your inner blush this winter!

1.7.18 skincare favorites

happy sunday everyone! i have decided to take a few weeks off of blogging to really think about what i want my blog to become this year. as you can probably see already, i have changed up the style of my blog. this year, i will not be following a specific posting schedule, but i will try to post often. i will also try to change up my content a bit.

this year, i have also been trying to focus on my health more. specifically, i have really been focusing on skincare. here are some of my can’t-live-without products!


tarte drink of h20 this product really hydrates my skin! the one i have is a mini sample, but once it runs out i definitely plan on buying the full-sized one!

aveda botanical kinetics hydrating lotion in addition to the tarte hydrating gel, i also use the aveda lotion. this was also a sample, but it is one of my favorite products and i will definitely end up buying the full size! i usually use both products to hydrate my skin.

pacifica sea foam complete face wash because of the size, i usually use this when i travel. it does a great job of removing makeup and cleansing skin!

s.w. basics rose water rose water is a very useful product. in my skincare routine, i use it as a toner. see my post about the benefits of rose water HERE!

aveda botanical kinetics purifying gel cleanser this is one of my favorite products! i use this daily and it does a wonderful job of removing makeup and cleansing my skin. this also comes as a creme cleanser, but i prefer the more gel-like liquid one.

3 simple holiday outfits with black leggings

as the holidays are approaching, so are countless parties and celebrations. these are three simple holiday party outfits that really only require black leggings!


pair a fuzzy shirt with black leggings for the ultimate comfy outfit! add warm boots and you’re ready to face the freezing temps!

casual, but cute!

this look is perfect for a casual party with friends. a fancier sweatshirt with black leggings and booties makes for a perfect holiday party outfit!

formal chic!

for a nicer looking outfit, put together a cozy sweater with a simple long sleeve shirt and wedged boots. just don’t forget the jewelry! 😉

preparing for christmas/easy hot cocoa gift idea!

hey everyone! december is quickly approaching, which means that i will start posting christmas themed posts in 12 days! if you have any ideas of christmas related posts that you would like to see, let me know in the comments!

christmas hot cocoa

if you are looking for a small gift or party favor, easy christmas hot cocoa is a great thing that everyone will love!

to start, add some hot chocolate mix to the bottom of a jar.

if you want, add some sugar on top of that do sweeten the hot chocolate.

on top of that, you can add any kind of toppings. my friend and i used mini marshmallows and dark chocolate chunks, but you could also use crushed candy canes, cookie bits, etc.

as a lid for the jar, take christmas fabric and cut it in a square to fit the top of the jar with some excess to hang over the sides. secure with a rubber band. use christmas twine or other string to secure a cinnamon stick to the jar. tie in a bow.

to make your cocoa extra special, add a label with any festive message that you would like.

to enjoy your christmas treat, add hot milk!

this is an easy gift idea, but you can always make it for yourself too!

fav teas !!

first of all, i am soooooo sorry for missing the past few weeks! i have been so caught up with school & ballet & nutcracker rehearsals that i have had no time for blogging! i will be posting on sundays from now on, since i’m usually free. 

but anyways, i’m back & better than ever!! we are well into my favorite season, and what better way to enjoy the season than to enjoy a warm cup of tea! i love tea, iced or hot, and autumn is the best season to enjoy it!! i love celestial seasonings, they have the best flavors☺️

my favorite celestial seasonings teas

cinnamon apple spice is my fav fall tea!! the cinnamon is super strong and the apple balances it out perfectly!!

blueberry tea is perfect for any season: iced in summer and hot in winter!! it tastes just like fresh blueberries!!

another one of my absolute favorite teas is cranberry apple. it is perfect for winter and fall, but i like to drink it all year (;

if you try any of these teas, or you have a favorite tea flavor that you would like to share with me, please leave a comment!!!❤️

the best drugstore mascara

let’s be real; almost all of the time, the cheap mascaras work just as good as the high-end ones. a few days ago, i tried the maybelline great lash mascara in dark brown, and i instantly fell in love with it. it is seriously impossible to get clumps with it, and it is only $4.49 at target! the dark brown adds a very natural-looking boost to your lashes, and the shade “very black” makes more of a statement of your lashes. this is hands-down my new favorite mascara!

my everyday stretching routine

hey loves! for the first time in a few weeks, i finally got my wednesday post up on a wednesday! i realized that i have never done a ballet post on this blog, so i thought that today would be a great day to do one! flexibility is one of the many factors that help one improve at dance, and it is important to stretch outside of the studio sometimes. i try to stretch daily, and here is my stretching routine:

first, i do developpes to the front while laying down on the floor (usually about 10) and hold them for 10 seconds each. this helps warm my legs up for stretching.

next, i do my left split (my better one) and hold it for about 2 minutes.

then, i do my right split and hold it for about 5 minutes.

after that, i do my straddle split. depending on how much time i have, i hold it for 20 minutes (if i am free for a while) or 3 (if i am on a time crunch). after my normal straddle, i push over for about 2 minutes to get a better stretch.

i work on oversplits next. i use a stretching block now, but once i get my oversplits on that i will switch to something higher up like a chair. even though i do not have either oversplit yet, it is great to improve my regular splits.

while i do occasionally change up my routine, this is the basic one i do almost daily.

autumn essentials: everything you need to take on the fall!

hey everyone! i am sooo sorry that i couldn’t get this post up until today, i have had a very hectic week! but, friday was finally the first day of fall! as you may or may not know, autumn is my favorite season. these are my favorite items and products that are perfect for fall!

hydrating lotion is definitely a must for fall. even when the air gets chilly and dry, your skin will stay soft and supple! it is very lightweight and gentle.

candles are perfect for cozy fall days, and this hot cocoa one is perfect for those rainy days indoors. bonus: it smells just like cocoa powder!
although the booties pictured above are no longer available, any pair of booties will pull together your autumn outfit ensemble!

cozy socks are one of my fall favorites (see my post about them HERE)! they can put together a casual sunday outfit (an oversized tee and leggings) or a cute school outfit (a dress and booties), and keep it cozy!

pumpkins are the definition of fall. whether you are carving one for halloween, baking the seeds, or using them as decor, they can always make it feel like fall.

a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning is one of the best things in the world. this cinnamon apple spice tea truly captures the favors of fall! (the cinnamon can be a little overpowering, so depending on your taste, you may want to add a little extra water to dilute it).

a nice, everyday wristlet is a must all year round, but this burgundy one really makes a statement in the fall!

i hope you enjoyed! this is one of many fall posts, and i can’t wait!