5 ways to make a basic tee look less basic

we all have those weeks where all we want is comfort, but we realize we want to look presentable. well, never fear, these are 5 ways to style a comfy t-shirt.

1. adding colorful/patterned leggings can draw the attention away from your shirt and onto your pants, partially hiding your basic t-shirt.

2. adding statement shoes to a basic look can completely transform it from simple to elaborate. these pink adidas neos do just the trick!

3. wearing a hat is another way to draw attention away from your shirt. it’s also a way to hide a bad hair day in a pinch, so that’s another hat bonus! 😉

4. by pairing a jean jacket and cute shorts with your basic tee, the shirt is almost hidden and your shorts can make the statement!

5. for the comfiest outfit of them all, adding leggings and knit crew socks can justify a comfy day and great look all in one!


basic tee: abercrombie kids

statement leggings: aerie

shoes: adidas

denim shorts: gap

hat: vineyard vines

white denim shorts: old navy

jean jacket: gap

flowy orange shorts: aerie

socks: aerie

black leggings: aerie
sincerely, scarlett ;))

3 thoughts on “5 ways to make a basic tee look less basic

  1. Veronica M. says:

    This post I really needed! Haha I wear “basic tees” along with a jegging pant way too much-i think drawing attention from it can help lol. Thanks girl ❤


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