9 easy room decor ideas/diys under $9

sometimes, room decor can be pricey. these are 9 things that look way more expensive than they really are, and will make your room 10 times better.

these are all from anthropologie, which is usually an expensive store, but they all come from the sale section, which is very underestimated. the lavender and reflective blue decorations were both around $30 but on sale they came to only about $7, and the pink “sprout” planter came to about $3 on sale. even if there isn’t an anthropologie store near you, there is also a sale section on anthropologie.com where many of the things on sale in the store can be found.

this jack from target can be found sitting on top of a stack of my favorite books on my nightstand, and it makes them more presentable and they look a lot better sitting in my room. and the best part- it’s only $7.99!

when i was vacationing in cape may, we visited a store called bath time. they sold soaps, lotions and creams, fragrances and dishes like this. luckily, the $8.99 dish can also be found on the store’s website bathtimecapemay.com !

if you go to the beach, shells are free, and you can take as many as you wish! this makes them great room decor. but, if you don’t go to the beach, you can pick up a big bag of fake shells for only $5.19 at michaels and put them in any size jar you would like, and different sizes come at different price points and can be found at target, walmart, or michaels. 

i got this succulent from walmart for around $3, and a set of 4 of these half pint ball jars for only $4.39, coming to a total of $7.39.

i have an obsession with candles (i have around 8 in my bedroom alone). some candles can range from $20-$30, but the yankee candle mini was only $5 and the target magnolia & freesia candle was only $3. these are great to burn in the fall, and can go anywhere in any room.

this cute face cup was only $7.99 at target, and although it isn’t available online, it can be found at most target locations near desk supplies. i store my favorite sunglasses in here, and it’s great to grab them and go when i’m running late!

mason jars in general are amazing room decor. they are cute and can multi-task by storing anything! while this exact jar was about $13, a similar half gallon jar can be found at target for only $6.19. i love storing bath bombs in mason jars because they can be seen, and they are so colorful that it can add color anywhere.

last but not least, diys are a great way to have cute decor for a good price, i found a similar painting at anthropologie for around $700, but i decided to make it myself to save money. i bought all my supplies at michaels, so an 8″x10″ canvas was $4, a 1/2 inch brush from art minds was 89 cents, and an 8oz container of pink paint from craftsmart was $3.49, coming to a total of $8.38. to make the painting, pour a quarter sized amount of paint on a folded paper towel (keep adding a quarter sized amount when you run out until you finish, a little goes a long way!) and dip your brush into it. then, make imperfect, globby streaks about 1/2 inch long each in rows until you run out of room. wait for it to dry and hang anywhere! many of my diys are from pinterest (mine is @sincerelyscarlett) or youtube, but some are also inspired from things i see when looking around in stores and i think i can make myself. 

i hope you enjoyed these 9 cheap room decor favorites of mine! be sure to comment if you use/make any of these, i would love to hear about it!

sincerely, scarlett šŸ˜‰

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