my favorite summer breakfast

hello lovelies! summer is coming to an end, so i am going to try to post some summery things along with some fall things. oh, and i have finally chosen my blogging schedule for the upcoming school year (sept.5-june14)! i will be posting (at least) once a week, every wednesday! but, after about a month of school, i may change to a more convenient day for the rest of the year. but, enough said about school, it’s still summer! i love cooking and baking, so this easy recipe is fun for me, but it’s not too difficult, so if you don’t love cooking as much as i do, it should still be enjoyable!

i love making smoothie bowls. they are simple, but delicious! here is my recipe for this smoothie bowl:

(i don’t use measurements, i eyeball it, so i apologize if this is inconvenient for you!)

fresh raspberries

frozen raspberries (i use frozen fruit instead of ice)


yogurt (i use a 4 oz cup)

a pinch of cacao powder

flax seed

frozen blueberries

in a blender, add the fresh and frozen raspberries, milk, yogurt, and cacao powder (you can add as much or as little of each as you like). blend until smooth. sprinkle flax seed and blueberries on top, and enjoy!

if you make this recipe, please comment to let me know! it’s a simple but refreshing breakfast that i’ve been making all summer! 

sincerely, scarlett ;))

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