summer is a state of mind

hey readers! today, i thought i would share some of my favorite photos from this summer, since school starts next week!

hot cocoa is delicious, even when it’s almost 90 degrees out! my friend janie and i went to an adorable diner and ordered hot chocolate a few weeks ago, and it was amazing!

i took a ferry ride from lewes, delaware to cape may, new jersey earlier in august, and it was so much fun! the views were amazing, and the highlight of the ride was definitely seeing some dolphins behind the boat!

the sunset was beautiful on our last day at the beach! i loved sitting on the beach and watching it, enjoying our last evening in paradise.

looking out over the ocean from my favorite fishing pier! even though my family doesn’t fish, we still enjoy walking down the pier in the evening, and it’s fun to see what others catch.

the sunset on our second beach day was almost as pretty as the one on the last! this was taken on the dunes, and all the grasses were waving in the sea breeze.

a new donut shop opened this summer, and i decided to get a half dozen, they were delicious, i’ve been wanting to go back ever since!

we ❤️ the fourth of july! janie and i adventured around the neighborhood and found a small creek, so we naturally had a photoshoot! 

janie and i tried the pink drink from starbucks this june, and we both 10/10 recommend it! it is the strawberry acai refresher, but with coconut milk instead of water. it’s definitely worth the hype!
i hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite pictures! i’m definitely going to miss summer, but i hope these memories last through the school year!

sincerely, scarlett ;))

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