how to instantly make your fall/winter outfits cozier

hello beautiful readers! as i promised, this is my first wednesday post! i think wednesdays will work well for me this year, so i hope i can keep up! so far, it’s been a pretty chilly week, and i’m glad. school started yesterday, and it’s a lot more work than i expected, so if i miss a day of blogging please forgive me! fall is my favorite season for many reasons; some of those reasons being fall fashion and coziness. one of my favorite things is just laying in bed, covered in layers of blankets, and feeling warm and cozy. but in reality, there is school to stop us from laying in bed all morning. my fix? cozy socks! they bring the comfort and warmth of a blanket with you all day at school! 

my favorite cozy socks are these knit crew socks. pair them with leggings and a comfy sweater and you’ll feel like you’re under a pile of blankets all day!

with a pair of comfy socks, any outfit this season can feel like fall! 

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