1 product, 11 benefits!

hey readers! i am soooo sorry for missing my weekly wednesday post yesterday, but my schedule was full so i couldn’t get to blogging. this is a post i have planned on doing for a few weeks and was going to do yesterday, so i figured i would do it today instead. rose water is one of my favorite products. mine is from s.w. basics (sold at target).

1. use rose water to reduce puffiness under the eyes. since the skin under the eyes is very gentle and sensitive, a product like this works perfectly because it is all natural, organic, and only one ingredient!

2. you can also use rose water as an amazing skin toner! this is a part of my nightly skincare routine.

3. if you have dark spots on your face, rose water can fix these as well. just mist lightly onto face and let your skin absorb it!

4. any acne on the face will disappear with a spritz of rose water! use in the morning, at night, or whenever is most convenient!

5. you know when you’re at the beach for hours, having fun, and when you get back inside you realized how burned you got? well, rose water can fix that too.

6. low blood circulation under the skin is another issue that rose water can fix! 

7. if aging skin is a concern, rose water can hydrate and condition it.

8. if you are like me, insects are biting you nonstop when you are outdoors. rose water can take the sting out of big bites and stings; which for me is one of the best uses!

9. rose water, when used regularly, can eliminate bacteria in the skin, causing fewer breakouts. 

10. scars, cuts, and other wounds can have a chance to be gone for good when you spray them with a little rose water!

11. the last use of rose water is a makeup setting spray. simply do your makeup, spray rose water lightly over it, and voila!

i hope you find these tips and tricks useful! all you need is one product, and it can replace multiple other ones (such as setting spray for makeup and aloe vera gel for sunburns). let me know in the comments which use of rose water is your favorite!

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