fav teas !!

first of all, i am soooooo sorry for missing the past few weeks! i have been so caught up with school & ballet & nutcracker rehearsals that i have had no time for blogging! i will be posting on sundays from now on, since i’m usually free. 

but anyways, i’m back & better than ever!! we are well into my favorite season, and what better way to enjoy the season than to enjoy a warm cup of tea! i love tea, iced or hot, and autumn is the best season to enjoy it!! i love celestial seasonings, they have the best flavors☺️

my favorite celestial seasonings teas

cinnamon apple spice is my fav fall tea!! the cinnamon is super strong and the apple balances it out perfectly!!

blueberry tea is perfect for any season: iced in summer and hot in winter!! it tastes just like fresh blueberries!!

another one of my absolute favorite teas is cranberry apple. it is perfect for winter and fall, but i like to drink it all year (;

if you try any of these teas, or you have a favorite tea flavor that you would like to share with me, please leave a comment!!!❤️

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