preparing for christmas/easy hot cocoa gift idea!

hey everyone! december is quickly approaching, which means that i will start posting christmas themed posts in 12 days! if you have any ideas of christmas related posts that you would like to see, let me know in the comments!

christmas hot cocoa

if you are looking for a small gift or party favor, easy christmas hot cocoa is a great thing that everyone will love!

to start, add some hot chocolate mix to the bottom of a jar.

if you want, add some sugar on top of that do sweeten the hot chocolate.

on top of that, you can add any kind of toppings. my friend and i used mini marshmallows and dark chocolate chunks, but you could also use crushed candy canes, cookie bits, etc.

as a lid for the jar, take christmas fabric and cut it in a square to fit the top of the jar with some excess to hang over the sides. secure with a rubber band. use christmas twine or other string to secure a cinnamon stick to the jar. tie in a bow.

to make your cocoa extra special, add a label with any festive message that you would like.

to enjoy your christmas treat, add hot milk!

this is an easy gift idea, but you can always make it for yourself too!

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