1.7.18 skincare favorites

happy sunday everyone! i have decided to take a few weeks off of blogging to really think about what i want my blog to become this year. as you can probably see already, i have changed up the style of my blog. this year, i will not be following a specific posting schedule, but i will try to post often. i will also try to change up my content a bit.

this year, i have also been trying to focus on my health more. specifically, i have really been focusing on skincare. here are some of my can’t-live-without products!


tarte drink of h20 this product really hydrates my skin! the one i have is a mini sample, but once it runs out i definitely plan on buying the full-sized one!

aveda botanical kinetics hydrating lotion in addition to the tarte hydrating gel, i also use the aveda lotion. this was also a sample, but it is one of my favorite products and i will definitely end up buying the full size! i usually use both products to hydrate my skin.

pacifica sea foam complete face wash because of the size, i usually use this when i travel. it does a great job of removing makeup and cleansing skin!

s.w. basics rose water rose water is a very useful product. in my skincare routine, i use it as a toner. see my post about the benefits of rose water HERE!

aveda botanical kinetics purifying gel cleanser this is one of my favorite products! i use this daily and it does a wonderful job of removing makeup and cleansing my skin. this also comes as a creme cleanser, but i prefer the more gel-like liquid one.

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