1.8.18 blush crush!

this season, i have been obsessing over shades of blush pink. something about that color really makes me feel cozy and calm. here are my favorite ways to style blush pink this winter!

Image result for aerie raglan boucle pullover

image via american eagle outfitters

even though the picture makes this sweater look almost red, i have this, and it is much lighter. this is one of the comfiest sweaters i own, i wear it so much! this piece looks great with almost any other color, so although it is specifically colored, it goes with many other things.

Image result for aerie cable sweater

image via american eagle outfitters

i own this sweater in a palm green color, but i definitely plan on ordering this pale pink tone! the range of “blush pink” colors is very large, and sometimes i am more in the mood for lighter shades.

Image result for madewell apiece apart

image via madewell

i really love this shade of pink! this sweater from madewell features a ruffled layer at the top, which really makes it unique. i have been loving ruffles lately as well, so expect a post about that soon! 😉

Image result for madewell metallic copper thread earrings

image via madewell

i love these earrings to add a pop of blush to any outfit. they make a statement on their own, but they look even better with a full outfit of pink hues!

i hope this post inspired you to change up your wardrobe and bring out your inner blush this winter!

2 thoughts on “1.8.18 blush crush!

  1. SimpleSerenity says:

    I didn’t get a lot of things in this color, I don’t know why because it is so pretty. I just have some shirts in this color, but I have to get some cozy sweaters also. Lovely post dear. xx


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