my favorite way to spend fall nights

i love nighttime and i love fall, so nights in fall are some of my favorites. you can cozy up and do whatever you want; watching netflix, reading, snacking, it’s up to you! it already feels like fall, but it’s approaching quickly, and i go back to school in about 2 weeks! this is how i spend many of my fall evenings.

i love just laying in bed and reading, but it’s always great to be comfy!

the encyclopedia of rainbows is one of my favorite books. even if you aren’t one for reading, it’s mostly organized photos. basically, there are over 100 pages of different things that come in rainbows (crystals, soft drinks, daisies, telephones, etc) and overall it’s just pleasing to look at and learn about. everything is numbered on the other page, so it says the exact type of whatever is being shown and the brand/species. it’s a great book to flip through over and over again!

i love sleeping with lots of pillows and blankets when it’s chilly out, and my favorite fall blanket is a chunky-knit grey one. i also love my furry white pillow and gold quote pillow, the make me feel much cozier!

my absolute favorite knit crew socks are from aerie. they are the softest socks i’ve ever bought, and i have 2 pairs already! i am definitely hoping to get more colors, they are a must-have for fall!

it already seems like fall, and i’m glad! i’ve been trying to post more lately, this is my third post in a day! do you guys like my new schedule? i hope you enjoyed!

qotp: what kind of content do you guys want to see more of? 

sincerely, scarlett ;))

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