autumn essentials: everything you need to take on the fall!

hey everyone! i am sooo sorry that i couldn’t get this post up until today, i have had a very hectic week! but, friday was finally the first day of fall! as you may or may not know, autumn is my favorite season. these are my favorite items and products that are perfect for fall!

hydrating lotion is definitely a must for fall. even when the air gets chilly and dry, your skin will stay soft and supple! it is very lightweight and gentle.

candles are perfect for cozy fall days, and this hot cocoa one is perfect for those rainy days indoors. bonus: it smells just like cocoa powder!
although the booties pictured above are no longer available, any pair of booties will pull together your autumn outfit ensemble!

cozy socks are one of my fall favorites (see my post about them HERE)! they can put together a casual sunday outfit (an oversized tee and leggings) or a cute school outfit (a dress and booties), and keep it cozy!

pumpkins are the definition of fall. whether you are carving one for halloween, baking the seeds, or using them as decor, they can always make it feel like fall.

a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning is one of the best things in the world. this cinnamon apple spice tea truly captures the favors of fall! (the cinnamon can be a little overpowering, so depending on your taste, you may want to add a little extra water to dilute it).

a nice, everyday wristlet is a must all year round, but this burgundy one really makes a statement in the fall!

i hope you enjoyed! this is one of many fall posts, and i can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “autumn essentials: everything you need to take on the fall!

  1. kittyp0p says:

    This is perfect! I just recently got like 6 new pairs of cozy socks for the upcoming season and a big apple candle from B&BW that makes the whole apartment smell like pie (: also, my boyfriend manages a tea store so we’re fully stocked haha


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